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Inspired by early DJ legends of the '80s and '90s, DJ Sik Wit It developed his love for music at an early age. DJ Sik Wit It transforms that passion into breath taking sets that encompass multiple genres. DJ Sik Wit It received the nickname "Yea That Black Guy That Spins Latin Music" from the venues that would hire him. Guest would swear he was not 100% Black. DJ Sik Wit It is not only a DJ. He has produced tracks for Que, D Woods of Danity Kane just to name a few. One of the few DJs that still practice to sets to achieve that perfect sound.

DJ Sik Wit It Live By The Beat Mix EP 25

Top 40 | Hip Hop | Bachata y Mas

@BOHICAChicago | 5518 S Archer

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